At Home Grown Gardens, our goal is to bring back the true meaning of "locally-grown" food and to build vibrant communities. We accomplish this by empowering people to grow their own food, providing all of the necessary support along the way.

Matthew Van Diepen



Matt began to grow food sustainably in an effort to reverse the devastating effects of industrialized agriculture and climate change. He saw the need for a local food system in Southern California that provides healthy and fresh food. He founded Home Grown Gardens to be a part of the solution.


Kathryn Savage

Business Development


After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Environmental Studies, Kathryn wanted to advance the cause of environmental equity in Los Angeles. She began promoting the need for fresh, healthy food in underserved communities. She enjoys growing a business that directly addresses this important need.


Hunter Johnson

Urban Farmer & Edible Landscaper


Hunter's interest in urban farming began in college while studying the environmental impact of the current global food system.  He wanted to learn to grow his own food to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle while contributing to a local integrated food system. Hunter enjoys woodworking and helping others grow their own food. 


Dean Miya

Urban Farmer


Dean grew up working on his uncle's potato and pepper farm. After many years in the IT industry, he came back to his roots. An excellent woodworker, Dean builds most of our planter boxes and other products. He is also our premier tractor operator (when we need one!) and manages our maintenance division.

Lizzie Edwards

Urban Farmer


Lizzie spent a lot of time on farms growing up. Her neighbors had farms and her father was a beekeeper and kept chickens. She also attended a Waldorf School, where she spent years learning about biodynamic gardening. She takes care of our nursery and works the farmers markets.



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