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Garden Education

We love sharing our knowledge. We teach classes at schools, offer private workshops, rehabs, work with non-profits and more. If you would like us to come teach a class, please contact us!

Garden Design

We combine regenerative agriculture and our artistic vision with an assessment of your unique site to design the most beautiful and productive garden for your space. We will work together to create the thriving food forest you've always wanted. Get in touch with our design experts here.



We make your food forest dreams a reality from start to finish. From building planter boxes, trellises and greenhouses, to installing irrigation, assembling passion fruit walls, creating stone or mulch paths, and planting the season's heirloom vegetables, herbs and fruits. Let's talk!


A biodynamic garden is a healthy garden. From planting seedlings with each new season to pruning, composting, mulching and harvesting, we'll keep your organic garden lush and thriving all year long whether you need upkeep support weekly or seasonally. Email us your questions, we love to hear from you!



If you're an experienced gardener or a hands-on novice, we are here to support you with strategies and approaches to minimize effort and maximize harvest. From plant health and landscape design to irrigation efficiency, we want to help you grow. Drop us a line!


We believe in closed loop system thinking which begins and ends with composting. We offer food scrap pick-ups for local restaurants and businesses which we transform into biodynamic compost for our nursery, clients and the community. If you're looking to get started composting in your own backyard, we also offer at-home installation! Interested in learning more about composting? Email us here.

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