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Garden Education

We love sharing our knowledge. We teach classes at schools, offer private workshops, work with non-profits and more. If you would like us to come teach a class, please contact us!

Garden Design

We combine artistic vision with an assessment of your unique site to design the most beautiful and productive garden for your space. We will work together to create your vision.


We make your garden a reality from start to finish. From building planter boxes, trellises and greenhouses, to installing irrigation, creating stone or mulch paths, and planting the season's vegetables, herbs and fruits.


A well-maintained garden is a healthy garden. From planting seedlings with each new season to pruning, composting, mulching and harvesting, we'll keep your garden lush and thriving all year long.

Garden Share

If you have more space than you can use, we can match you with a local urban farmer in our garden network. Upstart costs (and the delicious harvest) is shared! 

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Have a small garden job?

We can help with any step of the garden process,

such as installing drip-irrigation or building a greenhouse. 

Contact us

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