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How Does Your Garden Grow?


We know your home is unique, and we think your garden should be, too. Learn about the choices you have when it comes to designing and building the right garden for your home and needs.

Front Yard Farms

Are you ready to transform your lawn into a bountiful "family farm"? Do you want to produce nutritious organic food for your family and community? Would you like to save money on your water bill and take responsibility in water conservation? We're ready to support you in this process toward self-sufficiency! 


A Front Yard Farm includes:


  • an initial consult


  • lawn removal


  • customized design for your growing space


  • soil amendments for optimal conditions


  • water-efficient irrigation


  • organic and heirloom seedlings from our nursery

    • Access our Nursery 


With your support, we can GROW FOOD NOT LAWNS!

Custom Planter Boxes & Vertical Gardens

Do you have limited space to grow food in your home? Our custom-designed and built boxes make it possible for you to grow your own without all that outdoor space! If you have a balcony, a porch, or a windowsill, we can work with you to make it productive! Ask us about custom detailing, too.


What if the only potential space you have to grow your food is on a wall? No problem! We'll install vertical gardens so you can still harvest delicious produce year-round. 


Custom boxes and vertical gardens include:


  • as many custom boxes or vertical gardens as you desire


  • custom detailing for our boxes


  • soil


  • seedlings

Custom Irrigation

Edible Landscapes

Do you want to beautify your outdoor space while focusing on growing more of your own food? Do you want to create an inviting space for you and your family to enjoy? If so, let's work together to design the edible landscape that's right for you.


Edible Landscapes include:

  • raised beds


  • spiral gardens


  • raised rows using your existing soil


In our consultations, we'll work with you to design your garden space and provide you with a proposal. The cost will include all projected necessary materials and labor to complete the project. If you're interested in having us maintain your garden after the installation is complete, we can arrange a regular schedule that fits your needs.


Garden Maintenance

Do you already have your garden built and simply need some help maintaining it? We'll gladly come care for your garden on a regular basis.


Our maintenance can include:


  • weeding


  • planting


  • harvesting


  • amending soil


  • addressing potential pest or disease issues

Greenhouse Construction

Want to experiment with summer crops in the winter? We'll help you build a greenhouse to fit your space and needs.

Water is Precious! 


At Home Grown Gardens, we help you build your own water conserving irrigation system.


• Drip/Low Flow System:

Target irrigation specifically at the roots of each plant


 Grey Water System:

Recycle water from your home directly into your garden


• Rain Water Catchment:

Harvest rain to irrigate your garden 


• Weather Based Irrigation System:

Control your watering system from your smartphone or computer

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