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With an aesthetic eye we provide the tastiest food crops for you. Together we choose your favorite fruits and veggies and help you design your ideal growing space. Raised beds, container plants, greenhouses, and hanging baskets are all options!

Custom Gardens

Grow food not lawns!

• We design and install customized gardens & growing spaces for      

  your home or apartment

• We create Edible Landscapes

• We provide organic plants & heirloom varieties Access our Nursery

• We revitalize and maintain your garden

• We help and teach you how to compost, prune & harvest

• We optimize soil conditions

• We garden-sit if you're away!

For a free consultation contact us at (310)619-0312.


Water is Precious! 


At Home Grown Gardens, we help you build your own water conserving irrigation system.


• Drip/Low Flow System:

Target irrigation specifically at the roots of each plant


Grey Water System:

Recycle water from your home directly into your garden


Rain Water Catchment:

Harvest rain to irrigate your garden 


• Weather Based Irrigation System:

Control your watering system from your smartphone or computer


Wanting to experiment with summer crops in the winter?

We’ll construct a greenhouse to fit your space and your needs.



Need the perfect-sized container that will fit your window sill, balcony, or kitchen counter? We make cuztomized wooden boxes to expand your growing space! Ask us about custom detailing, too.

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